Top-Rated Hearing Aid Accessories to Put on Your Must-Have List

Did you know that nearly 38 million Americans experience some sort of hearing problems at some point in their lives?

That’s about 15% of the total US population.

Hearing is one of the most vital senses of a human being and luckily, there are numerous hearing aids and hearing aid accessories which can help with hearing loss.

A hearing aid works by amplifying the surrounding sounds. This is achieved by using a microphone which records noises, speech and other sounds and immediately reproducing these sounds at a higher volume.


Having a hearing aid can make the lives of people with hearing problems safer and more enjoyable. For example, hearing aids enable people with hearing problems to drive safer on public roads.

There are also numerous hearing aid accessories which help to enrich the patients hearing experience and increase the lifespan of the instrument itself.

Keep reading to find out a few useful accessories you should get today.

1. Remote Microphone

A regular hearing aid can usually amplify sounds on a radius of up to 12 feet. This is a good thing, but what if you’re in a busy restaurant where everyone talks loudly? This can be a problem for the person with a hearing problem.

However, there are solutions! You can go for a remote microphone which is worn by your partner while dining in a busy restaurant. This microphone is designed to pick up sounds from close proximity while reducing background noise.

As a result, you can enjoy your meal and have a wonderful conversation with your partner without hearing too many of the sounds around you.

2. Streaming Devices

Some hearing aids are compatible with your mobile phone, meaning that you can redirect calls to your hearing aid and have conversations without putting the phone next to your ear.

At the same time, you can also get a streaming device which connects your hearing aid with a wide variety of gadgets such as Bluetooth MP3 players, TVs and tablets.

As a result, you can stream audio from your favorite devices directly through the device and enjoy a crystal-clear acoustic experience. These devices also give you full control over the volume of the audio tracks being played.

3. TV Remote Control

If you love spending time in front of the television then this accessory might be ideal for you!

It consists of a sophisticated and small TV remote control which works in tandem with your modern hearing aid. The remote control is connected to your TV and you can use it to make quick volume adjustments when necessary.

At the same time, the remote also lets you change programs and navigate through some of your TV features. You don’t even have to get off your couch, you just press a few buttons and enjoy a more personalized and comfortable listening experience.


This is just a small list of hearing aid accessories. There are other useful tools out there which come at affordable prices and complement your hearing aid device.

For more details about hearing aid accessories, call EarMaster today and talk with one of our assistants to help you get a suitable product for your needs!