Tips for Buying Hearing Aids: Everything You Need to Know

In the United States, there are over 35 million people who struggle with impaired hearing. Experts suggest that number will make a rapid rise within the next several years.

Those diagnosed with hearing loss have the chance to improve it with hearing aids. But the market is full of these devices. Buying a hearing aid can be a daunting task with so many choices.

Keep reading to know what to look for when buying hearing aids.


Take your time when buying a hearing aid because you want to find the pair that works best for you. Here are some tips that will help you make the right decision.

1. Background Noises

If you’re experiencing hearing loss, there’s a lot of things you aren’t catching right now. That means, there is background noise you’re not aware of at the moment.

When purchasing a hearing aid, keep in mind that you’ll hear things you haven’t for a while. That’s why it’s critical that you look for a pair that has the ability to reduce background noises.

Nowadays, most hearing aids are going to cancel out low-frequency sounds. This means it will make voices easier to hear while blocking out sounds that could interfere.

2. Feedback Suppression

Feedback can also occur in some hearing aids. Feedback is when the hearing aid casing and the microphone make contact. It can be annoying and sometimes painful.

But most hearing aids will have suppression of feedback noises built in. Which is something you’ll want to make sure of before you buy.

3. Shape and Size

Choosing the right size and shape for you seems straightforward. But the truth is, it’s an important factor when buying your hearing aids.

There are different types of devices from which to choose. There are aids that go in the ear canal and aids that fit around the ear. Each type has its own function, so ask a specialist which is right for you.

Size may also be a factor in the function of your device.

4. Extra Features

Depending on your budget, you may or may not be able to afford extra features. This is something you’ll have to speak with your providers about. If money isn’t an issue, then there are a couple of extras you could think about getting.

Telecoils are one such extra. These coils go inside your hearing aid and act as a receiver. With these small coils, you can talk on your phone without annoying feedback in your ear. They can even communicate with some sound systems to give you better sound.

The other feature you could look into is a wireless connection. With this connectivity, you can use your hearing aids with your smart devices. Stream music or use the device to control your aids.


Buying a hearing aid is a big decision in your life. Hearing loss isn’t an easy struggle to deal with, and the right device makes all the difference.

Ear Master knows this, and we dedicate ourselves to making the experience as easy as possible. Contact us for a hearing evaluation, or for a consultation about hearing devices.