Hearing Aid Tips: How to Get Used to Wearing Hearing Aids


Are you struggling with following normal conversations or hearing the television? Don’t be ashamed, it happens to the best of us.

Almost half of American adults over 75-years-old suffer from hearing loss. And it’s estimated that only 1/5 of those people will seek help with their hearing loss.

If you recently started wearing a hearing aid, then we have some hearing aid tips for you while you get adjusted.

Here’s how to get used to wearing them.


The key to getting used to hearing aids is to start slowly. Don’t think you’ll start by wearing your new hearing aids every hour of the day.

Start by wearing them for short periods of time in the quiet of your own home. You’ll get used to all the new sounds you can hear like a clock ticking. As you adjust you can add more hours of wear.

Be cautious about wearing your hearing aids in new situations. Start out having group conversations with your family. Wear your hearing aids in situations you are comfortable in until you are fully adjusted.

Your end goal is to be able to wear your hearing aids the whole time you are awake. This will take an adjustment period.


Due to your hearing loss, your brain may not be able to connect language and sounds in the same way it once was.

Part of the learning curve of wearing hearing aids is getting used to this connection again. The best way to do this? Wear your hearing aids and use closed captions while watching television.

Studies show that combining hearing aids and closed captions lead to higher speech recognition scores. These results are in comparison to adults with no hearing aids and adults with hearing aids who did not use closed captions.


Having a positive attitude will improve your hearing aid adjustment period.

It’s important to remember that you did not lose your hearing overnight. In that same way, it will take time to get used to having your hearing back.

Don’t get frustrated if it’s taking longer than you expected to become comfortable with your hearing aids.


Odds are you’ll need a few hearing aid adjustments before you get used to them. This is why follow-up appointments are crucial.

You’ll first meet with your specialist to decide which hearing aid is best for you. You’ll then come in after one week of wearing the hearing aids for your first follow-up appointment.

During this time period, it’s important to write down any comfort concerns or questions you have. Your specialist will use your follow-up appointments to address these concerns and do any needed adjustments.

Depending on your concerns, you could have multiple follow-up appointments to check on your process. Moving forward, you should meet with your specialist once a year.


Now that you know hearing aid tips to get used to wearing them, it’s time to enjoy your life.

Don’t forget to start slow, stay positive, and schedule your follow-up appointment.

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