The Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

The Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

It is easy to think of hearing loss as simply an ear issue but this is not the case. While hearing loss begins in the ears, the effects on communication, alertness and awareness of space have many dangerous consequences. The longer you go with undiagnosed or ignored hearing loss, the worse many of these symptoms can become – Many of them irreversible! The good news is, that while hearing loss itself is permanent, the side effects can be decreased with the use of assistive listening devices, such as hearing aids and cochlear implants. These amazing devices can amplify the sounds you struggle with so you can be alert and stay connected. Here are just some of the many benefits of treating your hearing loss!

Improved Communication

Hearing loss is absolutely a communication issue. When you struggle to hear people around you, it impacts your ability to follow what they are saying and respond appropriately. Hearing loss often develops slowly, eliminating only certain tones, pitches or consonants from the conversation. This can make parts of words or certain people specifically difficult to hear. The risk is that this can start to impact your relationships with friends’ co-workers, family and even your significant other. This can have lasting emotional damage to your sense of self and confidence. The good news is that hearing aids can amplify the specific sounds you struggle with, making it easier to hear and connect again.

Improved Intimacy

For people in romantic partnerships, you may feel like nothing could pull you two apart. However, over the years, hearing loss can do just that. Over years of having to repeat yourself or regular arguments over the volume of the TV, resentment and loneliness can build. Whether we realize it or not, but it is the casual banter and inside jokes which keep intimacy strong over the years. When this diminishes due to hearing issues it is all too common for even the strongest of the relationships to become strained. The sooner you invest in your hearing health, the sooner you can start to rebuild years of communication issues and improve your intimacy again.

A Greater Sense of Independence

When we can hear well we are more likely to go out, walk down the street or even drive a car. We may also be more likely to participate in social events which help us feel engaged. When we suffer from undiagnosed hearing loss it is hard to follow conversations which may lead you to avoid social situations altogether, rather than struggle. We may also be less confident going out because of our lack of awareness in a space. It can be difficult to hear the sounds of traffic, which can put our safety at a greater risk. Wearing hearing aids can help us to be alert again so we can feel confident navigating the world on our own.


Benefits for Your Health

Hearing loss’s effects on communication reach far across many health issues. Because we are less likely to go out and stay active with hearing loss, it is common for us to exercise less. It can also have serious effects on our mental health. Not being able to communicate effectively can be isolating. Chronic depression, anxiety and loneliness are common when hearing loss goes ignored. Wearing hearing aids can improve your mood and ability to connect.

Decrease the Risk of Cognitive Decline

Many studies find that the longer hearing loss is ignored, the worse cognitive decline can become. Studies show that even a mild case of hearing loss can cause people’s scores on cognitive tests to be lower than those with normal hearing. Also alarming is the severity of hearing and a greater risk for dementia. A prominent study from Johns Hopkins University found that a moderate case of hearing loss doubled the risk of dementia, a severe case tripled the risk and a profound case of hearing loss raised the risk five-fold. The good news is that treating your hearing loss can improve cognitive ability and lessen the risk of dementia.

Schedule a Hearing Test Today!

The sooner you treat your hearing loss, the sooner you can start to prevent some of the dangerous side effects of hearing loss. The first step is to schedule a hearing test. Hearing tests are painless and can help you find out exactly the extent of your hearing loss. It also allows us to help you strategize the best treatment for your condition. Schedule a hearing test today and take control of your life!