The 5 Signs You Need to See a Hearing Specialist

The signs of hearing loss can be difficult to identify.

Turning up the volume on the television is not necessarily an indication that someone is losing their hearing.

If someone fails to respond when you call their name, that is not necessarily a sign either.

However, if someone you love is behaving like this frequently, something may be wrong.

Symptoms differ depending upon the condition in question. It is important to speak to a hearing specialist if you suspect someone in your family may be suffering from auditory issues.


Falling Down Frequently

As people age, balancing often becomes a challenge. Balance is closely associated with the inner ear.

If someone in your family is falling down frequently or generally getting clumsy, it could be a sign that they are experiencing hearing loss.

Hearing loss can be addressed by a variety of treatments to increase auditory function and reduce the danger of falling.

As more senior individuals can be prone to broken bones and more serious injuries, it is important to take preventative measures.

Checking one’s hearing is an easy way to make sure your family member is safer from the dangers of falling.

Fear of Socializing or Going Out

People who are experiencing hearing loss often reduce their social activities.

It’s embarrassing to admit that you can’t hear what someone is saying in a crowded restaurant or over a card game.

Has someone you care about stopped going out with their friends? Do they decline if you ask them out to dinner?

Social isolation is another sign of possible hearing loss.

A hearing specialist can suggest treatments so that your loved ones can regain their quality of life. A hearing aid or other treatment may help them enjoy their favorite activities once again.

Forgetting Things

When older people start forgetting things, their family may worry about conditions like dementia.

However, hearing loss is associated with cognitive decline.

A  specialist can guide a family through the diagnosis to rule out more serious conditions.

Treatment like medication or a hearing aid will not only address the auditory issue at stake but can put all of the family more at ease.

Failure to Respond to Loud Noises

Older people are not the only ones in the family to experience auditory problems. Children can also display signs of hearing loss.

Children may be born with hearing impairment, or they may experience hearing problems due to infections or fluid in the ears.

Signs to look out for include failing to respond to their name or to loud noises.

Because hearing is integral to language and communication development, parents should address any concerns about their child’s hearing as soon as possible.

Many conditions affecting the hearing of children can be addressed with simple procedures like the insertion of tubes.

A simple procedure may make a lifetime of difference for your child.


If you have any doubts about your hearing or the hearing of your loved ones, don’t wait to contact a hearing specialist.

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