Prioritize Better Hearing in the New Year!

Prioritize Better Hearing in the New Year!

Another calendar year is almost here and 2022 starts with the promise of new opportunities and fresh starts. How would you like to spend this next year? It is important to remember that whatever your goals are, they will be more achievable when your health is in order too – especially your ears. People tend to minimize the importance of addressing hearing issues, but when they go ignored, they can quickly lead to poor communication, leading to strained relationships, loss of income, chronic depression, cognitive decline and a higher risk of accidents and falls. While hearing loss is most often irreversible, it can be effectively treated, most often with hearing aids. To find out what the best treatment is for you, start out 2022 by committing to prioritizing better hearing.

Schedule a Hearing Test

A quick and easy resolution around hearing health is to schedule a hearing exam. These tests are painless and can allow you to know the status of your hearing. We will be able to suggest the appropriate treatment, depending on the status of your hearing loss. If hearing aids or cochlear implants are needed, we can guide you through the many options to help you find the best ones for your specific hearing needs. However, if your hearing is fine, then you can rest assured, knowing you are on top of your hearing health. Here are a few more resolutions to help you keep the wonderful hearing you have:

Be Prepared with Hearing Protection 

Noise is one of the most common causes of hearing loss and can happen not only in your place of work but during hobbies, recreation, at home, or even on your way. We live in a noisy world and it’s important to be prepared. When sounds surpass a threshold of 85 dB the vibrations can be severe enough to damage the tiny hair-like cells of our inner ears. These cells are responsible for transmitting audio sound from our ears to our brain and when these cells become destroyed due to extreme audio vibration, we are left with a permanent issue. 

Be prepared with hearing protection everywhere you go. You never know when a sound could be too loud but if you opt to start carrying hearing protection everywhere you go, you will be surprised just how often you may feel you need it. If you measure the decibels in the places you frequent most, you will most likely be surprised how loud the inside of your car can be. Even the inside of your home may be louder than first suspected. This year be prepared with portable earplugs, most places you go.

Turn Down the Volume

One reason that noise-induced hearing loss is so high for a younger generation is because of personal listening devices. Headphones have the capability of delivering levels of decibels which can damage hearing at high volumes in one to 15 minutes! It is okay to listen to headphones but just make sure you are listening safely in the next year and on. Keep the volume turned down to no higher than 60% of the total volume. It’s not just the volume but the length of time as well. Make sure to take listening breaks to give your inner ears a rest. The better you can preserve your hearing the longer in life it can serve you.

Eat healthy-hearing foods

You wouldn’t think it but the foods you eat can make a big impact on your ears. This has just as much to do with heart health as it does with healthy hearing. Eat a diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and lean proteins, while avoiding processed foods and sugars as often as you can. This boosts heart health, keeps your blood pressure at a healthy level and can reduce the risk of diabetes significantly. When your heart can deliver a constant oxygenated supply of blood throughout the body, so many aspects of your health will flourish – including your ears. The cells of the inner ear which deliver sound to the brain need a constant supply of blood and interruptions due in part to a poor diet can also cause hearing issues. 

Schedule a Hearing Test with Us Today

Start this new year right. After your annual hearing check, practice hearing healthy all year long! We are here to support you in better hearing. Contact us today!