How Do Hearing Aids Work – Everything You Need to Know

Hearing loss is a prospect that many of us dread.

It’s even more dreadful when it’s happening to a friend or family member. Fortunately, the hearing aid has been a reliable tool for helping people live with hearing loss.

As we age or are exposed to loud noises we are more likely to experience hearing loss. But that’s nothing to be afraid of with modern advancements in hearing aids.

But how do hearing aids work? Here is everything you need to know to answer that question!


Hearing loss is a common ailment that can be caused by heredity, illness, loud noises, and aging. Often, the small hairs in our ears that pick up on vibrations become damaged.

Fortunately, there is the invention of the hearing aid. All hearing aids work in a similar fashion. They take incoming sound, alter it, and send it into your ear.

All hearing aids have a microphone that takes in sound and converts it into an electrical signal. They have an amplifier to amplify the signals. There’s a receiver to pass the signals along to your brain. Last, there’s a battery to power the whole thing.

There are two types of hearing aids. There are analog hearing aids and digital hearing aids.

Analogue hearing aids and digital hearing aids both do the same thing. They take in sound, amplify it, and sent it into your head. However, analog hearing aids are rarely used nowadays because of the technological advances of digital hearing aids.


Digital hearing aids have the added advantage of a microchip that can be tailored to the needs of the wearer. Digital hearing aids have the ability to increase low sounds while eliminating noise. They also have greater directional capabilities, allowing someone to pinpoint the direction of a honking car or a chirping bird.

Digital hearing aid wearers can differentiate between people talking, which is useful at a noisy bar or subway station. They can also tell the location of a sound, great for finding a car in a crowded parking lot.

They can also be linked to phones, computers, and stereos. Watching TV becomes a whole lot easier when the sounds are being broadcasted directly into your ears.


How do hearing aids work? Just like any other piece of modern technology. They pair with your phone, are compact, and out of site. If you’re experiencing hearing loss, look into hearing aids and see the modern miracles they have become.

For many, the sound of music from a record player is just as important as the warning signals of an oncoming train. A person’s hearing is an aspect of life that many can’t fathom living without, and they don’t have to.

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