Common Signs of Hearing Loss that Indicate the Need for Hearing Aids

Hearing loss can greatly affect a person’s life. Besides limiting their ability to communicate, it could also take a huge toll on their mind and emotion. There are many situations that can lead to this condition, the most common of which is exposure to extreme loud noises. Aging is also a common contributor but, unlike other causes that instantaneously take away hearing ability, it occurs gradually.

Those who have suddenly lost their hearing should consult with a hearing health professional right away to get a proper diagnosis. This is crucial as some hearing conditions may no longer be reversed or treated if not checked and dealt with immediately. Depending on your diagnosis, your specialists may recommend hearing aids.

Unfortunately, hearing loss that occurs gradually might be difficult to detect, which is why approximately 2 out of 3 people go untreated or undiagnosed for it. This can happen to anybody so it’s only sensible that even though you think you are far from going deaf, you still need to have your ears and your hearing checked on a regular basis. Here are three signs to watch out for.

Sign #1: Turning Up the Volume

It can be hard to detect, especially when you’ve been increasing the volume of the TV or speakers in small increments over time, but this can indicate that your hearing is starting to fade. Most people only become aware of the loud volume when another person points it out. If someone does tell you that the volume is too loud, you should consider the fact that your hearing has been affected.

Sign #2: Struggling to Keep Up with Conversations

There are only so many times you can ask a person to repeat what they’ve said until it becomes embarrassing. If you find it hard to hear what others are saying during a conversation even when you are in a quiet environment, you may need to schedule a hearing test soon.

Sign #3: Constant Muffled Background Sounds

Constant muffled background noise is a major indicator that there is something wrong with your hearing. Normal hearing should never be muffled unless it is done intentionally. Muffled noises will sound as if there is something covering your ears, making noise sound distorted or even quiet. Get checked by a specialist if you experience this constantly.

Sign #4: Constant Ringing or Tinnitus

For some they start to adapt to the ringing they hear constantly, but for many it becomes a debilitating problem. Tinnitus is not the same as hearing loss, but it can be one of the warning signs. It is still a good idea to visit a diagnostic care center for proper differentiation between hearing loss and Tinnitus.

Sign #5: Repositioning the Head for Better Hearing

You’ve probably seen people do this; they cup a hand and turn their head towards the direction of the sound to help them hear clearer. Although at first it might seem to work, overtime redirecting the sound becomes ineffective because hearing loss has progressed further. This is one of the most obvious signs of hearing loss. Once you find yourself doing the same, it really is a good idea to visit an audiologist for a diagnosis.

There are many reasons why someone would start to lose their ability to hear properly. It can be because of family history or constant exposure to loud noises. No matter the cause, it is important to get a diagnosis. There is no shame in wearing a hearing aid, especially if your quality of life improves dramatically. Visit your trusted audiologist and hearing aid specialist in Ada, OK today because the sooner the detection, the better the outcome.


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